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Wharton Penn

Wharton-Penn Foundation

The Wharton-Penn Club Foundation, Inc. (Foundation) was organized in response to the club members’ desire to provide social outreach activities to the Filipino community.

The primary purpose for which the Foundation is incorporated is to grant scholarship awards, as well as other forms of financial assistance, to deserving students, whose financial means are inadequate to support their education. It is a goal of the foundation to enable such students to pursue further graduate studies at The Wharton Graduate School and other schools of the University of Pennsylvania, as well as other schools or universities, whether in the Philippines or abroad, and advance their professional development, including the granting of professorial chairs for the enhancement of professional courses, including the provision of allowances and other forms of financial assistance as may be needed by the grantees in the pursuit of such studies.

Apart from scholarship grants, the Foundation has supported teacher training, school book drives and a number of community building activities.


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Wharton & Penn Alumni
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Dues are PhP 3500 per member per calendar year. Paid members will not be charged cover at any of the club events during the calendar year. They are also permitted to bring one guest without additional assessment.

Non-paid members will have the option of paying cover charges only for the event(s) they choose to attend to help defray organizing costs. For non-paid members, the projected cover charge for each event that includes cocktails will be approx. PhP 2500 per head per event.

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We welcome any news you would like to share with our alumni community and suggestions for club events and activities. We would also like to invite you to:

  • Join a committee. Sign up for one or more of the following: Finance, Liaison, Membership, Young Alumni, Career Management, Communications, Executive Education Program Alumni.

  • Participate in our Signature Programs. Help out or organize an event relating to the following: Admissions Track, Community Building Track, Learning Track, Lifestyle and Culture Track, Network Expansion Track.

  • Refer other alumni. If you know other alumni who have not been involved in club events in the past, do let them know about the club and send us their contact details if they would like to sign up for our mailing list.

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